NEW JERUSALEM, HEAVEN - "I can't make it", man says when asked if he was going to be at the next worship service in heaven.

This old saint has been in heaven for a long time now, but has been missing several worship services round about the throne of the Eternal God.

"Yea I won't be there", he said. "I can't make it today. I am real busy, I have a lot going on."

An angel said, "We missed you at the last service it was awesome. We saw the glory of the LORD."

"I don't feel like it today", the man said. "I promise I will be there next time."

Another saint asked this old saint what was going on? The old saint explained:

I just dont' feel like it.

I don’t get anything out of it.

I don't fit in, I don't feel connected.

I'm tired.

There are too many people there.

I'm not good enough to be there.

I don't believe you have to attend a worship service to show you love God.

I am spiritual. I don't believe in organized religion.

I believe in relevant worship. This is not relevant to me.