BASKING RIDGE, NEW JERSEY - Second Baptist Church held its first church service after splitting from First Baptist Church that meets only a few miles down the road.

The founding pastor, who wouldn't submit to the leadership of his former church, now wants men and women to submit to him after splitting the church and starting Second Baptist Church.

In preparation for his first service, now having all power and authority granted to him, the pastor stood before his mirror and rehearsed the world's greatest sermon before the world's greatest congregation.

When 10:45 came, the pastor mounted the pulpit and welcomed the people.

"First is the worst, Second is the best - or so they say", the pastor said as he greeted his new flock Sunday morning. The pastor continued with announcements from the bulletin while also railing on First Baptist Church. Singing ensued where the hymns were carefully selected about the judgment of God upon the wicked.

After the sermon, the Pastor closed with a modification to the Aaronic Benediction:

The LORD bless you, and keep you... from First Baptist Church of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Amen.

After the service, we asked the Pastor if he was still bitter about the split, and the failing out amongst brothers.

"No. Of course not. I am not bitter", the pastor said. "They go their way, I go Yahweh."

UPDATE A few months have gone by, and Second Baptist Church has been split by a man like the pastor that split First Baptist Church.

Plans are underway for a Zero Baptist Church (since Zero is the Hero) starting services in six weeks at a storefront next to a Piggly Wiggly, just a few miles down the road from Second Baptist Church.