Here is a list of 16 Prosperity Gospel Book Names that just may be real:

  1. The Love of Money - Not a Root of All Evil
  2. When Jesus Makes it Rain
  3. It Pays to Pray
  4. Ask And It Will Be Given!
  5. Your Best Life Now
  6. 7 Ways to Get Rich
  7. Heaven on Earth
  8. Learning From the Tax Collectors
  9. The Land Flowing With Milk and Money
  10. The Gospel According to the Rich Man
  11. Making it Through the Eye of the Needle
  12. From Creflo Dollar, To Creflo Millionaire
  13. Marry For Money, Honey
  14. Name it and Claim it
  15. Monetary Blessings
  16. Get What You Want... Biblically!