A new study from Pew Research reveals Christian Celebrities and Athletes have the greatest authority amongst nominal Christians.

According to the research, nominal Christians are more likely to think that Christians that have celebrity status know more about God, the Bible, and spiritual things, then their pastors and teachers. They even have more authority then men who have devoted their entire lives to the study of the word of God and the service of the LORD.

The bigger one's celebrity status, the more authority was bestowed upon them. Also, if one crossed their heart before a basketball game, or pointed to the heavens after winning a gold medal at an Olympic event, or spoke vaguely about God that would cause a Muslim, Jew, or Hindu to rejoice, these were immediately regarded highly my nominal Christians and put forward as the best examples of the faith.

Also, if a Christian celebrity wore a t-shirt that said, "Jesus is my homeboy" or "Mary is my homegirl" automatically were praised for their boldness in the faith.

Those that said the word "God" during an interview received tremendous praise. Those that said the word "Jesus" were giving even more praise. If any celebrity said, "They walked an aisle", or "prayed the sinner's prayer", or "accepted Jesus into their heart when they were little", this caused nominal Christians to experience great ecstasy and joy.

"Earnest Contenders for the Christian Celebrities' Faith"

Furthermore, nominal Christians were more likely to defend Christian Celebrities and Athletes than their pastors and teachers and anyone that has sound doctrine.

If anyone pointed out flaws in the Celebrities' faith or practice, they were immediately defended by the nominal Christians. They would say things like, "They are a baby Christian", or "They are a carnal Christian. Nobody is perfect", or "He that is without sin cast the first stone."

These nominal Christians, though normally quiet in their day to day lives, would immediately express rage if anyone attacked a Celebrity they thought was a Christian.

The Pew research study concluded, nominal Christians are not opposed to listening and following other Christians, they just have to be highly esteemed in the sight of the world before they are willing to follow them.