JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - A pastor of an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing, KJV Only, Conservative, Hell Fire and Brimstone Preaching, Pretrib-Rapture, Premillennial, Adjective smitten, Baptist Church told his congregation, "In heaven, you can eat as much ice cream with magic shell as you want - and it's okay."

"In heaven, we can eat as much ice cream as we want - and not even gain a pound, AMEN!", the pastor said.

The congregation responded with shouts of "amen" and "glory" exhibiting extreme jubilation at this good news not found in scripture.

"Up in heaven, we can eat plates of fried chicken, corn bread, ice cream, steak - whatever you want and as much as you want", the pastor continued.

The congregation was glad to hear that gluttony was no longer a sin in heaven.

"Preach it!", men and women cried out.

And the end of the sermon, there was an altar call where the Pastor said, "Would you also like to join us at the marriage supper of the Lamb and pig out together? Just say this prayer..."