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Non-denominational Church Leaves the Non-Denominational Denomination

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Recent online seminary graduate and local twenty-one year old Senior Pastor Mark Sterling, has decided to leave the non-denominatio…

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Recent online seminary graduate and local twenty-one year old Senior Pastor Mark Sterling, has decided to leave the non-denominational denomination. He cities the overall lack of leadership, lack of vision, lack of sound bible teaching, and lack of standards as the reason he is leaving.

"I recently attended a non-denominational church when I was on a mission trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. They did things completely different. The music was different, the lighting was different and they didn’t have a stage or any projectors", Mark said as one confused. "Then it hit me: people need to know what kind of church they are walking into, and a non-denominational church could literally mean anything, as I recently found out. So I decided to leave the non-denominational denomination.

We then asked Pastor Mark what denomination he was going to be affiliated with since he is leaving the non-denominational denomination, he said, "None of them. We just believe the Bible at our church." We asked if he could be more specific and he said, "All anyone needs to know that comes to our church is that we believe the Bible. That should be good enough."

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‘Answers in Genesis’ Finds Answers Outside the Book of Genesis

KENTUCKY – Young Earth Creationist Ministry ‘Answers in Genesis’ find more answers to life’s questions outside the book of Genesis.

If you visit the ‘Answers’ page on their website, you will find scores and scores of articles with answers to questions – but those answers come most of the time outside the book of Genesis.

We reached out to Ken Ham for a comment, “Even though our ministry is called ‘Answers in Genesis’, most of our answers come from other places other than the book of Genesis.” Ken continued, “This is pretty funny when you think about it, but not as funny as believing in evolution or the gap theory or disagreeing with my reading of Genesis.”

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KJV Onlyist Learns His Grandfather is Older than His Theological Tradition

SOUTH CAROLINA – Independent Baptist and person who self-identifies as a man of God John Mark recently discovered that his theological tradition of King James Onlyism isn’t older than his grandfather.

“We need to go back to that old time religion and the old faith and the old paths”, John Mark would say. But “old” apparently only means going back to the mid-20th century where King James Onlyism has its origin.

“That doesn’t bother me a bit”, John Mark said. “If the King James Bible was good enough for Paul, it’s good enough for me. I don’t care if King James Onlyism is an American only, Fundamentalist only, belief system. It is obviously true because I believe it.”

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Woman Awake and Lively During Worship, Falls Asleep During Sermon

SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL – Woman who was singing and praising God during the worship band’s performance moments later suddenly falls asleep five minutes into the Pastor’s sermon.

While visiting a local Southern Baptist Church, the youth worship band was leading in the normal worship service – so it was very lively. My family and I sat in the second row from the front next to a woman. She was all into the worship experience, hands raised, arms stretched out and all. You would think she got a good nights sleep before. Then suddenly, when the rock-n-roll concert ended, and the pastor stepped onto the stage to preach a sermon, the woman pulled her sweatshirt up towards her face, closed her eyes, and within minutes started snoring.

She slept through the whole sermon. Granted, the auditorium was dimly light with all lights focused on the man of God, but still, she fell asleep. But it looks like only me and my wife noticed.

As soon as the sermon was over, the drums started and an altar call was issued, and the woman woke up.

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